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Comparing Credit Catalogues Before Shopping

Comparing Credit Catalogues

Nowadays, people usually have one or many credit cards on hand. Then they can buy everythings they want even they do not have enough noney on hand.However, applying a credit card usually needs good credit ratings so many buyers with bad credit before may need to choose another options.

Credit catalogues at may be the best alternative options of credit cards. The concept of credit catalogues is just similar to credit cards that you can buy your desired products first, then you need to pay back the money and usually the payment should be paid in a fixed period of time or the cost is spread across a time period.
This kind of credit options is especially suitable for those companies that need to buy powerful tools which the cost of the tools are expensive but in urgent needs. The credit catalogues can help financing the companies to spread the costs of the tools.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many advantages of using credit catalogues such as:-They usually give applicants a welcome offer like free gifts or discounts that in turn help us save money.- Most of them can be applied easier than credit cards and take less time to get approval. This allows us to solve our instant purchase needs.-save us a lot of time because less complex application process is needed.
There is a few disadvantages such as:-buyers may have to pay high interest fees , expecially if they cannot pay back the money within a given time period.

Importance of credit catalogues comparsion

Before shopping, we need to have a brief review of different kinds of the credit catalogues at so that we can choose the one that most favorable to our needs.

But how do we compare the credit catalogues? In fact, we can find out what types of products they offer in their catalogues. What the credit options are available. Is the catalogue interest free? How much discounts they can provide to the applicants? What is the credit limit given to applicants? The ease of being approval and the trust of that company which offer the credit catalogue etc.Thus, when we find out these information and doing comparsion, we can then try to match our actual status to find out which options would be the most suitable one. Shoppers should consider their own financial status and their abilities to solve the debts. For example, if the shoppers do not have much money and they have bad credit rating before, they may better choose monthly payments and one that has higher approval rate but with low credit limit.This can help them spread the costs over a year or more so that it is easier for them to pay all money back on time.Also they can save time for instant approval and lower credit limt can control shoppers themselves not to spend too much that they cannot afford to pay back later.

Types of credit catalogues

They are mainly divided into buy now and paid later catalogue, pay monthly catalogue, bad credit catalogue etc.Buy now pay later catalogue is the option that allow buyers to buy the desired items without any funds. Then after a given time period, they need to pay back, usually less or no interest fees. The typical examples are Very and Littlewood. The pay monthly option allows buyers to buy the items first and pay back for every months. Usually may require buyers to pay a low interest fees. The typical examples are JD Williams and Freemans. The bad credit catalogue allow buyers with very bad credit rating to apply for this kind of catalogue. It is likely that this kind of catalogue gives chance for the applicants to improve their credit rating status.


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