Health is Beauty

Society today has some sort of standards about beauty. There are competitions that specially judged the contestants by the amount of beauty they possess. Social media also have its standard of beauty. Everything that is perceived beautiful is being posted. Different filters are used to edit photos to achieve the norm of beauty or what is acceptable. As matter of fact there are camera specially designed with filters to edit your face. Beauty is measured with number of like by other people. Confidence is increased or decreased depending on the heart button count. Everybody wants validation from others to feel good. Less like in Instagram, Facebook and other social media platform could let you down and question yourselves if you are not beautiful enough or what is wrong with yourself. This is actually destructing in your part but you should always remember that you are responsible for your own happiness and don’t really need those public approval.


Beauty is not about the being famous. It is not based on the fancy and trendy clothes you wear. It is not measure on your color. It doesn’t matter if we are white or black. Definitely it is not about the size. It is more than being plus size or extra small. Above all it’s not all about the number of followers you have or the number of likes or dislikes.

Beauty is simply how you feel about yourself.  It is about feeling good and confident of whom you are. Feeling good about yourselves could be attributed with many factors. It could be resulted from the love of all the people around you. Everybody needs to be taken care; however, you can’t always expect for someone to care for you all the time. The surest caring you could have would eventually come yourselves. Speaking in a way personal level, feeling good about your self could be achieved by taking care of ourselves. It is a must to look after for yourself. You could start by being healthy inside out.

Emotional health is more about optimistic view of the environment. Physical health could be achieved through proper nutrition and diet, being stress free and sick free. Almost all women all value the condition of their physical appearance. Skin diseases may affect your overall physical health.

One of the common problems is acne. This skin disease could result to scarring your face and large pores which is really unhealthy and undesirable. It may cost a fortune to treat like a trip to dermatological clinic for an expensive surgical facial treatment or even bank breaking beauty regimen product and maintenance. Would you believe dealing with acne doesn’t have to be difficult? Yes it isn’t. could help and guide you with varieties of articles about helpful products for skin disease especially on how to deal and conceal imperfections. It is a community of empowered bloggers that research about the best product in the market that could generally help the women out there who are struggling or confused about finding the right product for them.

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