2 Things to Consider When Buying a Patagonia Gear

Counterfeit products have been increasing in the last 5 to 10 years. Did you know more fake products are sold online? Yes, that is true!

From baby products, gadgets to backpacking gear – sometimes you may lose trust. Hence if you are planning to invest in quality products, make sure it is genuine and not that type of counterfeit. Aside from it is fake; it might put your life at risk if your backpacking gear fails to perform in the wild which you may need it most.

Knowing counterfeit hiking or backpacking gear has greatly produced over the previous years. However, despite the increase, there is still good news – well it might be odd – but buying a fake Patagonia gear is quite low.

Aside from Patagonia, the North Face brands, sort of a well-known outdoor brand for replicas. It seems like Patagonia is a smaller brand compare to the North Face. Being careful when buying outdoor gear is good but sometimes we can’t distinguish the genuine from fake especially these days, though the risk of buying a Patagonia gear is pretty low.

Here we provide you the things to consider just so you can avoid buying fake Patagonia gear:

#1: Be Observant of the Difference of Knock Offs to Replicas

Knock off is a product which imitates the design of the famous brand. Take note, these are not fakes. In fact, they have their own brand name on the merchandise. While a replica is a product that sold with the actual brand name on it, it is not an original gear which manufactured. This you must want to avoid.  Both often have lower qualities compare to the original product. The difference is that replicas drag a fake brand label while it sold for a similar price as the real one. Costly with low quality, isn’t it?

#2: Spot check if your Patagonia Gear is not the real deal

Shopping in malls or boutique stores can be pretty cool and you are confident for buying an authentic product. Meanwhile, if you are tired of going to malls and you may want to shop online that perhaps fool you because details might not reveal. You may not touch it unless the product delivered at your door.

But wait; here is the checklist – this will be your guide on spotting the authentic to fake one!

  • Be alert with the gear appearance. Does it match with the brand’s website?
  • Search the tag if it has a legitimate serial number
  • Find the stitching if looks clean or sloppy
  • Lastly, be a good judge when it comes to pricing.

Now, be vigilant and take a depth look at each in order to spot the fake. For additional information, we know the fact the Patagonia Gear is not a great deal for counterfeiters because the North Face is the most copied outdoor brand. However, Patagonia has some knock offs that sells well.

Below are the famous items of Patagonia that easily copied:

  • T-Shirts/Shirts – They don’t have much profit on it but these are easy to make.
  • Jacket or down sweater – One of the popular items, aside from it is expensive – counterfeiters find it has a healthy profit margin.
  • Fleece Jackets

So always be cautious when you are shopping or shopping online for gear. If you have additional information to add on how to spot a fake Patagonia gear, just share it with us.

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