Gluten Facts: Everything You Need to Know

The gluten-free diet is one of the trending lifestyles in the past years. You would always hear people talking about going gluten-free. Likewise, health and wellness professionals also suggest people try this lifestyle. And, you’ll find products with a label gluten-free stamped on its packaging.


But the question is this; what do you know of a gluten-free diet?

What is Gluten?

Before anything else, you have to understand the term gluten.

The name gluten is a collective term which pertains to different types of proteins called prolamins which are found in wheat, rye, and barley.

There are various kinds of prolamins that exist, but each one of them shares similar structures and properties. And, the primary prolamins that exist in wheat are gliadin and glutenin. These substances have an elastic property which is the reason why it is a common ingredient in making bread and other baked goods. Aside from this, bakers add extra gluten on their baked goods to increase the shelf life of the product.

According to studies, a person approximately eats 5 to 20 grams per day of gluten-containing food. It is no surprise with the modern day diet that most people practice such as eating pizzas, and pastries all the time.

Why Do You Have to Exclude Gluten in Your Diet?

You are probably curious right now why experts recommend a gluten-free diet. Find out the reasons below.

Gluten proteins are resistant to protease enzymes which are responsible for breaking down the proteins in your digestive tract. If the body fails to digest proteins, it results in the building up of peptides which are large units of amino acids. Once these amino acids build up, it will cross over through the wall of small intestine going to the rest of the body.

The high levels of peptides in the body cause immune responses such as celiac disease.

Some people are gluten intolerant; hence eating food with high gluten can cause medical complications in the body, or worse consequence the development of celiac disease.

The celiac disease is a type of inflammatory autoimmune disorder which is either passed on a person through genes or a caused by environmental factors, as well as lifestyle. A chronic condition of celiac disease is referred to as an inflammatory disease of the small intestine.

On the other hand, there are individuals with allergic reactions to gluten. If you are one of these individuals who suffer from gluten sensitivity, better switch to a healthier gluten-free diet.

Where to Find Gluten-free Products?

Gluten-free food is all over the place nowadays. In fact, you can easily get one at a store or order a gluten-free food in a restaurant.

But, if you want to switch to a vegan lifestyle while having the pleasure of your old American diet, then go to the True Great Vegan which you can check it out right here.

The True Great Vegan is an informative website wherein you can find lots of healthy pizza gluten-free recipes. If you are a pizza lover, you would surely love this website.

Likewise, right on this source are tips and advice on how to start a gluten-free diet without spending much cash!

Begin your vegan diet right now!

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