Improving Efficiency with a Double Induction Cooktop

If you love eating out, then you’ve probably noticed how some restaurants or hotels, especially those that serve buffets, have cooking stations that are set up in the dining area. Typically, cooking equipment is relegated to the kitchen where an executive chef, his sous chef, and the other chefs whip up delectable fares for patrons. Nevertheless, in places where buffets are served, cooking equipment is set up along with the buffet table so patrons can have foods like omelets, pasta dishes, and even stir-fry dishes prepared right before their eyes.


This area where cooking stations are set up, and where the dining area is, is often referred to as the front of the house. You can just imagine the trouble everyone goes through to make sure the cooking stations in the front of the house are safe and efficient. Since the area is often filled with guests and diners, using a gas range for cooking is out of the question given the fact that it poses too much of a risk to everyone and to the place itself. This is where a double induction cooker comes in handy.

An induction cooker uses a special type of heating technology to cook food efficiently. You know how when you’re chilly, you generate heat and keep yourself warm by rubbing your hands together? That’s practically how the heating technology of an induction cooker works. Electromagnetic energy is sent from the burner to the cookware, and when that happens, the iron molecules of the pot or pan start shifting back and forth quickly, thereby generating heat.

This fast and precise heating technology is way better than traditional cooking methods as food is heated evenly. On a side note, a special type of cookware is recommended if you’re going to use an induction cooker. As much as possible, stainless steel pots and pans with flat bottoms are recommended.

A double induction cooker is advisable if it’s going to be used at the front of the house. That way, two dishes can be prepared at the same time, thereby saving time and effort. You’ll find plenty of top double induction cooktop options by doing a thorough search on the Internet. You can likewise read reviews to see which brands offer best-performing induction cookers.

An induction cooker isn’t only efficient but it’s also safe to use and easy to clean. Since the heat generated by an induction cooker goes directly to the pan, you will not have to worry about the entire unit, or even the air around it, getting too hot. The cooktop surface of an induction cooker stays relatively cool, which is ideal if it’s used at the front of the house. There is no risk of guests getting burned because they stood too close to the unit. Moreover, since induction cookers have glass cooktop surfaces, they are very easy to clean.

Indeed, food service has improved by leaps and bounds thanks to the advent of induction heating technology. Cooking and serving food has never been as fast and efficient as when done using an induction cooker. Guests and diners will definitely be happy and satisfied with the front-of-house service because of the efficiency of a double induction cooker.

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