The Best Method to Use During Your Menstrual

Reusable menstrual cups have benefited women more in holding period fluid more comfortable without any leakage. They hold the fluid for longer and give you a clean hygiene moment during your flow. They are so comfortable that they give you a fresh moment free from an odor that can keep most of your friends away from you during that period.

Why use reusable cups

They favor your budget in a friendly way. You will find that this is the best method to use during your flow that suits your budget. You pay a one price budget for a reusable menstrual cup. Once you purchase you will spent years not going to get more. They are the best when it comes to your budget as you do not have to dispose them after use.

They are safer when it comes to collecting of fluid. They never absorb any fluid but collect the menstrual saving your blood from expose of toxic shock syndrome. This is a bacterial infection that is brought by using a tampon. It gets to your blood system while absorbing the menstrual fluid which is a health risk.

Menstrual cups hold more of your fluid considered to other methods. It can collect one to two ounces of your menstrual period while the tampon can only hold a third of one ounce. A reusable menstrual cup can last for a longer duration while on use considering the pads which would eventually leak and give an unpleasing odor.

You can use them for a long period with without any effects on your environment. These cups are never disposed to the surroundings after using.  You wash them after use then wait for the next menstrual flow and reuse them again.

What are the negative effects?

You can find yourself in a messy position of removing them after use. You may find it difficult to avoid spills during the removal process. Sometimes it can be even tough while trying to remove or even inserting them. The pinching of the base area to pull the cup down and out can be difficult for you.

Finding the right fit for you can be difficult. You will have to try out different brands before getting the perfect fit to insert inside the vagina. The reusable menstrual cups are not one size fit for all. It can also lead to vaginal irritation if you never cared for it in a good way. It is also difficult to insert the cup inside your vagina without any lubricant.

Most menstrual cups are made from latex free materials while others from rubber material that can cause an allergic reaction. Chances of getting infections are high if you fail to clean it well, rinse and let it dry.


Reusable cups are the best and the most economical product to use during your menstrual period. You only need to clean it well to avoid any infections but are the best for you budget. No more worries when it comes to disposing for they are reusable and are environmental safe.

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