Ice on Our Drinks

Ice has been a huge part of our lives. Ever since the 1800’s, the human race has been blessed with the discovery of ice and its multiple uses. It has been used everywhere, all around the globe, and it has made our lives a little bit easier. Ice, with its many uses, has helped us answer some hard questions and solve many obstacles; just like the problem with exporting and importing goods, which was a huge barrier on economic growth for many years.


It also became one of the staples in our kitchen on these latter days. With the easy access of refrigerators and freezers, ice is already not a luxury that people can scarcely have. With its endless potentiality, people can get crazy and creative with ice; and it actually has been part of many great and exceptional creations for many years. One of the best examples is when people started incorporating ice to our drinks; and this idea has changed the bar-tending game.

On hot seasons, like summer, people tend to enjoy the sun’s heat with a nice cold drink. When the days are the longest and the nights are the shortest, ice cold drinks has become the staple for relaxation and pleasure. From fresh lemonade stands on the curb to awesomely made margaritas on the bar, ice will always be there; People can’t get enough of it. With its endless possibilities, people can get creative when they put ice on their drinks. From just using huge chunks of ice, ice cubes, ice tubes to freshly grated, crushed ice. Using ice cubes and ice tubes may be more convenient and easy to make, but freshly grated or crushed ice can add a little bit more sophistication to you drink. With its technicality, one may wonder what is the easiest method to crush ice.

Crushing ice may seem technical if you do it on your own; but with the proper instructions and equipment, crushing ice can be a piece of cake. A blog called Prime Shop Kitchen has an article talking about Blender tips and advice on how to perfectly crush ice using your own blenders at home. They also have articles on other topics too including juicing with a blender, whipping cream in a blender, and blending frozen fruits on your blender. With the cool tips and ideas, you can be a master of blending ice.

The article includes a step by step tutorial on how to use your blender when crushing ice. It will also help you determine what kind of ice to use, how to make the ice you have usable for your blender, and how to make sure that your blender is capable on crushing ice. With a couple minutes of reading and following instructions, you can master the art of blending ice.

To know more about crushing ice using your blender, visit the Prime Shop Kitchen at You can also check their other articles about kitchen appliances and detailed guides on their website.

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