Smart Tips on How to Keep Your Sewing Machine’s Efficiency for the Next Ten Years

Are you currently starting a new hobby with sewing or quilting?

Aside from learning how to sew or quilt efficiently, just like pros do, as a beginner, it is also paramount to know how to keep your sewing machine working for the next ten years or so. Fortunately, posts like this will teach you how to maintain a sewing machine.


Tip #1: Regular application of oil

If you own a mechanical sewing machine, do not forget to apply sewing machine oil regularly; this will help keep the essential parts well-lubricated and well-running. According to the experts, with the regular application of oil, would lead to damaged or broken sewing machine components or parts.

So, apply oil with two to three drops of it every week if you use your sewing machine frequently or once a month if less used.

Tip #2: Always use a quality thread and needle

One of the common reasons why most mechanical and even the electric sewing machine easily break down is due to low-quality thread and needle. According to most experts, low-quality threads and needle are bad for sewing machines; this can push the machine to produce inaccurate sewing or quilting result, even after you have used high-quality threads and sewing machine needles.

So, make sure to use the right thread and do not forget to change the needle more often.

Tip #3: Have time to floss your quilting or sewing machine

Yes; you heard it right.

To maintain the efficiency of your sewing machine for the next ten years, you also need to eliminate the machine’s fuzzies. These so-called “fuzzies” are the dirt or the dust between the tension disks. Make it a habit to check for loose threads that are left within the tension disk, because this can cause to jumble with the anchored thread or can break the needle.

Tip #4: Always dust the outside of the machine

Another easy task that you can do for your sewing machine is to dust the outside of the machine; this will keep the machine from getting unwanted rust. All you need to do is grab a cloth, a microfiber one is more preferable, and wipe all the dust away.

Tip #5: Always schedule for tune-ups

One of the essential things that you can do for your sewing machine is schedule for tune-ups. The professional technician will give your machine a full inspection, especially if you own an electrical sewing machine. They will also try to remove the dirt and dust that have accumulated within the systems of your sewing machine that is difficult to clean by an ordinary person like you, especially if you are new to these types of thing.

Tip #6: Always use the sewing machine with caution

No matter what your sewing machine is (electrical or the regular sewing machine) make sure to use it with enough caution. Avoid doing things that can make your sewing machine lose its efficiency. Always keep your sewing machine clean. Also, do not forget to read reliable reviews and posts, like this, if you want to succeed in sewing or quilting.

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