Power Rating and Voltage Requirement of Induction Cooktops

Over the past years, induction cooktops gained popularity in the market and in the kitchen. It is often featured in magazines and articles on the web where professional chef praises the efficiency of this kitchen device.


The outstanding feedback of various customers is the reason why some people are becoming curious and interested in switching their old gas range into an induction cooktop. No surprise there if you have the same plan in mind. Well, who would not love that sleek appearance and advanced cooking technology inside their kitchen?

Choosing an induction cooktop is overwhelming. You have to check out the specs of each item you see on the web or at a physical store before buying. Rushing to purchase an induction cooktop is never a good decision. You might end up choosing an induction cooktop with poor quality, aesthetics, and performance.

The good news is there are reliable product review sites created for the benefit of buyers, especially to those with no experience in purchasing this kitchen appliance. One of the best source of portable induction cooktops worth the money is Induction Pros. This website has been present for a few years delivering informative and useful buying guidelines. Also, you can trust Induction Pros to provide honest product reviews of the leading induction cooktop names in the market.

As you keep on browsing, you would notice that induction cooktops have varying power rating and voltage requirements. The power and voltage of this kitchen appliance are two of the most significant aspects you need to look for before buying. These facets can impact the performance of your induction cooktop and the success of your cooking experience.

Power Rating

Induction cooktops are well-known for heat consistency. Moreover, this kitchen cooking appliance is energy efficient. There is little energy waste in this equipment compared to non-induction cooker. Likewise, induction cooktops have control settings that allow you to boost the power to cook faster.

This feature of an induction cooktop is all about the power rating of the item. Induction cooktops with high power rating are versatile. It can offer various cooking settings. For instance, if you choose an induction cooktop with low power rating, do not expect to accomplish heavy duty cooking. You can only do limited cooking tasks. Furthermore, the power rating of an induction cooker can influence the temperature range it can offer.

Voltage Requirements

Induction cooktops vary in voltage requirement. You can easily recognize the voltage requirement of this device by looking for wattage on the description. In most circumstances, manufacturers create induction cooktops that are compatible with the standard voltage distribution of the country. However, you have to be aware that not all induction cooktops are suitable for your home’s standard voltage.

Each induction cooktop has a required circuit. A single burner with 1200-1800W requires at least 15 amps. On the other hand, induction cooktop with three to five burners has more wattage which needs a minimum of 40 to 50 amps.

Remember to always check the power rating and voltage requirement of induction cooktops before buying.

For more details on the top seller induction cooktops, visit the Induction Pros.

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