How to Care for Leather Holsters

Man shooters love using leather holsters like the Alien Gear Shapeshift 4.0 because they have many advantages as their compared to their synthetic counterparts. Leather holsters are durable. However their durability potential varies from user to user depending on the amount of care and maintenance one observes. This means that there are some simple steps you should to adhere to ensure your holster’s durability. These are the simple tips that will ensure your take care of your leather holster.


Keep it out of reach of animals

Sounds weird, right? However, it is a fact; animals have a tendency of chewing staff made from the leather material. It could be your pet dog and could be the unwanted guests too, the mice, squirrels and the rats. For this reason, you should ensure that no animal is able to access your leather holster unless you want to find it chewed.

Clean you holster

When your expose your leather holster to dirt, dust or blood, you risk shortening its life span so you should ensure it stays clean. It is enough to wipe the dirt off with a wet rag but it is better when you do the wiping using a special cleaning agent.

Break it in

The leather holsters will often fit the type of gun you want to be carrying around, but when it is still new It may seem to be so tight. You need to break the leather in, or simply, to stretch it so that is can comfortably accommodate your weapon. To stretch it you can push the gun inside when it has more material covering it like you can put the material in the bag and stuff it in. with time you will see how it will fit in well.

Avoid softening

Typically, each leather holsters are meant to fit a given design of gun, there is a no size fits it all holster. This makes the leather firm even if it is not loaded with a gun. Don’t too much conditioner therefore as this will weaken the leather material. You need to use cleaning agents that have been recommended to achieve the best results.

Keep off from perspiration

We sweat, we all do especially when we come from warm areas. The composition of sweat, water, salts and oil can be damaging to the holster’s design and structure. You should ensure you protect your carrier form sweat as much as you can.

Dry it well

Well, sweat is damaging like I have said, so is moisture. Moisture can cause a big damage to your leather holster, mold being the most notorious one. For this reason, you should ensure that that you keep your holster dry. However, don’t use heat to dry it.  Don’t put it in direct sunlight when you have out it out to dry. Just put it in a dry place and in a few minutes or hours it will be dry enough.

In a nutshell, it is easy to clean your holster, these tips are all simple and easy, aren’t they?

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