Does Bronchitis Go Away On Its Own Without Treatment

Getting rid of Bronchitis

Bronchitis is an ailment that is characterized by coughing, difficulty breathing, chest cold and pain in your chest. It is also regarded as the infection of the lower respiratory tract infection. Though it can be
discomforting and even scary, one would not need to take an antibiotic to get better. All one needs in most cases, is to do some home remedy activities and within a week or two you are fine and better. It is known to cause mucus lining of your bronchial tubes ( which brings in air) to become inflamed filled with mucus.

You might be thinking can bronchitis go away on its own. Well, some of these home remedies for treatment without drugs might be able to help it go away faster.


Many people are in the habit of taking analgesic or self-medication at the slightest discomfort in the body. For
bronchitis or cold infections, we run off to get an antibiotic and this can complicate issues in our body system. People who are known to get enough sleep have a better immune system than those who don’t. Non sleeping makes you
vulnerable to contact cold and flu. When you sleep enough, you relax your body’s, avoid infections of virus or bacteria ( which causes bronchitis) and avoid irritations of any kind.


Water as basic as it might sound or look is a powerful compound that can keep you in health and refreshed. Water helps the mucus in your bronchitis to thin out which will make expelling them easy. Being hydrated keeps you fresh, revitalized and water helps to ensure good metabolic activities in your body system.


Hot air helps to ease out any blockage from your nasal cavity. No complicated equipment or device is required for this. Simply boil some water and with your face under a towel you will be able to inhale the hot steam into your body. For a cold infection like bronchitis, steam will help expel cold and introduce warmth in your bronchi tubes.


The food and ingredients that are spicy in your fridge will help decongest your bronchial tubes so that mucus can be expelled easily. Hot pepper and chilli are able to remove mucus from your system.


Honey is well-known for many years for having medicinal content that makes it to soothe the mucus membrane
in your body. It can be added in your lemon water, tea and other beverages. You should avoid giving honey to less than a year old babies as this can cause botulism which happens to be rare type of food poisoning but fatal.


The washing of your mouth with saline water can help increase the removal of mucus from your system. It will not cure the bronchitis but it will help reduce your symptoms. Gargling of water can equally stop infections like cold and cough that might degenerate into bronchitis.


There are many trees and herbs that have medicinal effect and can ease the effect and discomfort created by mucus.
Bromelain which is an enzyme found in pineapples can help with inflammation and the coughing up of phlegm. Ginger is another option that works great in expelling mucus and it is regarded as an expectorant.

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