Different Types Of Modern Door Locks Explained

Types Of Modern Door Locks

Door locks are one of an essential appliance in your home since they provided security and safety in your house. Door locks act as an obstruction to keep your possessions in the workshop secure and play a great role in maintaining privacy. Efficacy is mandatory when it comes to finding quality locks for your home. The different types of door locks are as follows:

Knob locks

These are the most commonly used type of a door lock and also regarded as the paramount technique of security for the majority of home. The lock cylinder is situated in the knob and not in the door. For that reason, never should you use this type of a lock on external doors because they can be easily destroyed with simple tools such as a wrench or hammer.

Cam locks

Cam locks are like fastener that keeps storage intact in a perfect and latent manner, so as not to have an effect on the overall appearance. They usually come while fitted in sets of furniture and cabinet kits and they are cylindrical locks that are fixed in the wooden part. A metallic pipe with an opening in one side helps in the positioning of the inserted bolt. Cam locks are known to secure cabinet doors completely, something that makes them suitable for storing sensitive documents.,


With no doubt, deadbolt locks will provide excellent protection against housebreaking. This type of a lock does not use any spring, and the lock bolts can be moved by twisting a knob or key. Deadbolt uses an exceptional locking technique that over tremendous resistance to physical attacks, boring and battering. The locks can’t be unlocked using a knife or any other hand tool. Note that they are available in three makes:
• Single
• Double
• C

The single cylinder is the modest ones, and you can activate them from one side using a key. Double deadbolt is usually activated with a key from the both sides.


Padlocks fit in the free-standing lock category. Unlike other types of door locks, padlocks are moveable. This means that they are not permanently fixed to a door or any facility that uses it. They are available in various models that are classified into two primary categories:
• Keyed
• Combination
Bear in mind that padlocks are easily recognizable, and not because they are portable, but also due to their loop-handle shackle silhouette. They have a shouldered shackle, a part that the padlock shoulder raise the sides of the shackle to prevent bolt cutters from breaking it.

Mortise locks

Note that these are the most powerful locks that can be used on external doors. The locks consist of internal systems that make them more of locksets and not just locks. Mortise locks are cylindrical shaped, and their locksets can house either lever or knobs. There are threaded in nature and use mortise apparatuses included within the door. A box lock is fixed in the mortise, which rests at the edge of the door. Mortise locksets offer high security by utilizing a set screw and cam creating a locking mechanism.

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